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Landforms of the Earth

Throughout the test of time, people have been changing the world of landforms. People of the Earth have been changing the way landforms act and the way they appear. This can sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Why can designing presidents on mountains be good and changing the seas of the world be horrible for the world we live in?

The question I ask is one of the hardest questions any person can ask because who are we stay what is good and bad for the world. When answering this question, we have to think philosophically. People change landforms to protect the human race. Examin the Greek people. People changed many beaches and mountain to guard themselves. Land changes because of the farmers need to feed people. Landforms that have changed has made our places to live better.

Many of the landforms we have changed as people can destroy some of the world. Take a look at the dikes built to protect the people of New Orleans. These were constructed to protect the people from hurricanes and flooding waters just so they can live right next to the ocean. Chaning the land for peoples’ sake has caused destuction of land and has caused deaths.

People have changed many landforms that destroyed the hearts of people. Examine the Black Hills. Landforms have been changed make monunments throughout history. People living in the United States felt a strong feeling of unity because they saw their past presidents on the side of a mountain. However, this land was made sacred of many people who originally lived in this area. This was wrenching to them and caused much protest because people changed the landforms.

Any way we, as citizens of the world, changed our landforms possibly through the worse, is where we build our homes. More recently, people have been building their homes on swamps and we have changed the flows of rivers. Fish are keeling over because of the way humans have been building their homes. When we change the land form to live somewhere can have a negative effect on landforms and Mother Nature herself.

I am not saying changing landforms is bad or good. The changing of both humans and nature has strong supporting evidence of harm. Our society should take a look at how we think of the way we change our land. If we live in this world we should do something good for it.

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