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Landforms are Changing to Benefit the Human Race

Change Landforms Intro

As a people, there are reasons to change a landform. This could be for may causes with the examples like shelter, protection and to gratify the persons eye.Construction workers and army engineers are examples of how people have changed land we live in.During our lives and the ones before us, the landforms of the world have changed for the people, usually for shelter, but in recent years, permanent homes of what we call houses, apartments and condos have been constructed.

Changing LandformsRecent History of Landforms

In more recent history, people of different cultures built their houses into the land. Let us take a glimps at some Native American tribes.   Some tribes built their homes in the side of mountain landforms. The causes were many but the main was it was great protection. It was easy for the people as the cliffs were near by.   The same hold true of people from the past in the Middle East. These people live in mountains too. The people used mountains to build giant shelters that resemble some houses we live in today.As our times as a human population went forward, the tools we used also went forward to build in many areas such as mountains.

Examples of Landforms

One of the neatest examples of how people changed a landform to have a place to live, is during the time of the middle ages. People of the time of Jesus, and the people before him, built their homes out of stone in the land.   This stone was used all over the place. Included in the building is irrigations and sewer systems.   Water was brought in for city drinking water as well as baths. The system these people used are still used today by the construction workers of our time. Changing landforms have helped people live in large communities living. They get to live close together like they started to in the Middle East.

Plain Landforms

Plain landforms, a few hundred years ago, gave people a place to live. To answer what a plain is, it is an area of land without a lot of tree and is flat.   So one way people were creative is they constructed homes out of the Earth. The people of this time made their roofs out of sod and the rest of the house from the worldly Earth. Houses were made out of dirt and mud. This left a lot of to the landform and it did not change much of the landforms.

Recent History Of Lanforms

In the more recent history, landforms such as forests and swampy areas have been changed for businesses and places to live. Farm areas and forest land were taken over by businesses so people could establish a place of employment. Houses were built near swampy land so people could thrive and live near enough to drive to work.     The trees were used to build the homes and building. The landforms were destroyed for the people to live and work on.

Given the change in population, land forms have changed drastically to benefit where we live. The people of the world today, live in millions upon millions of homes. Prairies are now farms that feed us food we need.   We have changed many land forms for a place to live. It is much different from the protective shelters of the past.

Population increase has change our landforms. Where once was a glowing landform like a archipelago, is now homes for large families and buildings for people to do their jobs.  In the recent past, we have changed landforms at an alarming rate for our convenience.  As of today, it is much different from a thousand years ago, when landforms were not much used.   Humans have done this for a more convenient place to live and for protection but it has had an effect on our landforms. If we still want to see our beautiful landforms, we may want to think about where we live today and the homes we as a people live in.