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A canyon has 3 main characteristics

1.Narrow valley

2.Steep sides

3. Created by erosion

Canyon Landforms Examples:
Grand Canyon in Arizona
Bronson Canyon Los Angeles, California

What is a Canyon Landform?

When we think of the canyon landform, the first type of canyon we probably think of is the Grand

Canyon located in Northern Arizona. It is one of the most scenic and popular types of canyons people visit in the United States. People look at this type of landform as two steep cliffs with a valley that runs through it. The Grand Canyon has the Colorado River running through it.

Introducing the Grand Canyon made you picture what a canyon landform is. In summary, it is two cliffs with a valley that runs through it. It does not have to have a river, but more than likely will.

How are Canyons Formed?

A canyon has to be formed through erosion. There are a couple of ways this erosion occurs. The most common way is look at the Colorado River. The Colorado River carved out the great Grand Canyon by taking the land down the river with it. What was left was a river valley with steep cliffs. This process took thousands of years.

Another way these great landforms can be formed is through wind and glaciers. This is not too common but does happen.

Canyon Definition

Two steep cliffs with a valley running between them.
There is often a river that runs through the two

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