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A lake has 2 main characteristics

  1. Body of water
  2. Surrounded by land

Lake Landforms Examples:

Lake Superior
Lake Mille Lacs of Minnesota

What is a Lake Landform?

A lake landform is a body of water that is surrounded by land.  This type of water is usually fresh water while there are some that are salt water lake like the Great Salk Lake in Utah.

A lot of people have asked how many lakes there are in the world.  My answer too them is a lot!  The true number of lakes in the world has not been counted and the definition is tossed up in the air about what is a lake and what is a pond.  What we can truly say is that there are over a million lakes in the world.  That is a lot of lakes.

There are many famous lakes in the world such as the groups of lakes in the Great Lakes, Lake Toba, and Lake Bernard.

Lakes are always forming and disappearing.    They can disappear in a variety of ways such as irrigation, drought, evaporation and opening in the Earth’s crust.

How are Lakes Formed?

Just like there are a variety of ways that lakes disappear, there are a variety of ways that lakes form.  Lakes can be formed when glaciers melt, craters from meteorites or rivers.  Lakes can even be man-made.  There are also other ways lakes can be made.

Lake Definition:

Al lake is a body of water that is surrounded by land.

See also Dry Lake, Oxbow Lake and Proglacial Lake for related type of landform.

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