Major Landforms of the World

There are many types of landforms in the world such lakes, rivers, hills and forests.

What are the major landforms of the world?

Major Landforms

The First Major landform

The first major landform of the world is the world’s oceans.  The oceans of the world are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic.  These oceans cover almost 70% of the world!  As you can see, the oceans are the first major landform of the world

The Second Major Landform

Of all the land landforms, the plains landform is the largest. It consists of over 50% of the total Earth’s land surface.

The Third Major Landform

Mountains take the prize of the third major landforms.  Mountains are something that are much higher than its surroundings and is higher than a hill.  You can remember that a mountain is a major landform by how breath taking they are when you see them in person.

The Fourth Major Landform

Plateaus are also considered a major landform.  A plateau is a relatively flat area of land that is high.  It is higher than a plain landform.

The Fifth Major Landform

A hill is also considered a major landform of the world.  Hills are smaller than a mountain but they rise out of the land. They can be rolling or steep.

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