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A plain has 3 main characteristics

1. Land

2. Broad, flat, or gently rolling areas

3. Low in elevation

Example of plains landforms:

The Great Plains of the central United States of America
Western Plains of Australia

What is a Plain?

A plain is a landmass that is flat or gently rolling and covers many miles.  There are also

different types of plains such as prairies, grasslands and steppes.

How are Plains Formed?

There are a few ways that plains were and are formed.  The first plains were created from lava flowing on Earth.  Lava can burn things and make things that were almost flat, flatter.  Erosion and deposits can also create plains.

Famous Plains

There are many famous plains are the world.  Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up on the Great Northern Plains of the United States.   The TV show, Little House on the Prairie, helped make these prairies known. Another famous plains area is the Western Plains of Australia

Plains Definition

A plain landform is land that is relatively flat and does not change much in elevation within a common area.