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What are World Landforms?

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of Earth Landforms.  Here you will learn about the major landforms of the world and other great features that are on the Earth’s surface.  There are many types of landforms around the world such as deserts, mountains  and archipelagos.

How are Landforms Made?

Landforms are created a couple of different ways.  Please see the bullet points below.

  • That is very curious question you are asking.  Many of the landforms have been made throughout time.  Largest landforms in the world took hundreds to billions of years to be what they are now.  Gorgeous landforms of the world have been created in many different ways such as wind, eroding the surfaces of the world and depositing land and such soil in different places.
  • Another ways is movement of the earth’s crust.  The tectonic activity can create splendid landforms such as volcanoes, sink holes, mountains and faults or another words, a lot of the natural sites you see today.
  • Overall, mother nature has grace the planet in multiple ways and had created famous landforms in the world that we see today.

A lot of people spell the word landforms as land forms. Landforms is a compound word and the two words are brought together.

List of Major Landforms

There are many landforms that are on the earth’s surface   They are actually on other planets as well.  One thing is certain there are major landforms that do cover the world that we live on.  World Landforms does provide a list of  all landforms that we see almost everyday like on TV or riding the bus home from school.



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The Albers projection is a conic, equal area map projection, named after Heinrich C.

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